Diary of a Stormtrooper

|-o-| Rated NSFDS |-o-|

(Not Safe For Death Star)

Being a clone makes it difficult to be an individual. Fighting for the Empire takes its toll. When on leave, I enjoy visiting this pale-blue-dot called Earth.

These are my adventures...

...this is my diary.


Throwback-day..::> Repost from September 7th 2013

Went food shopping today at a small Hispanic food store…

One of the mating-pair of earthlings that I stay with on occasion whilst on this planet (yes, Stormtroopers say ‘whilst’), is what is known as a “Latina”… Not exactly sure what that means, but if I had to guess, it means “an Earthling that can make food so good it makes you want to slap your genetic-template!”.